local-time is a development library for manipulating date and time information in a semi-standard manner. It is based almost entirely off of Erik Naggum's paper, The Long, Painful History of Time. It includes such features as:

The library has been tested under sbcl 1.1.x on Linux x86 and x86-64. It requires cl-fad for operation (Stefil is required to run tests). It has been placed under the BSD license.

This library is still under development. Contributors and feedback are both very welcome. The maintainer of this project is Daniel Lowe.


There is a short manual describing the API.


You are encouraged to use Quicklisp to install local-time and its dependencies.

You may also retrieve the latest version using git, a distributed version control system. Once git is installed, you may pull the source code with the following command:

git clone git://github.com/dlowe-net/local-time.git

You may also browse the repository.


For support and feedback, please join the local-time-devel mailing list. To receive announcements of new releases, you may join the local-time-announce mailing list.

You should start by getting the latest source using git. When you've made and committed your changes, use git format-patch to email the patches to local-time-devel@common-lisp.net.

Older versions

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